Bosques High School.

Learning personalization has the objective of allowing students to discover and take advantage of their skills, talents and abilities; in addition, it fosters a spirit of personal development, self-discipline, respect towards others, and teamwork.

By personalizing education, a “union” between knowledge and students is facilitated.
Teachers at Bosques High School are qualified to identify the best response towards the changes, interests and needs of each student as a unique individual, because they believe in the idea that each student learns in a different way and at his or her own pace. Teachers understand that they must “follow the student” by adjusting teaching strategies to foster the adaptation and evolution of each student throughout the year.

In each classroom and with daily work, students become autonomous and make their own responsible decisions, thus accepting the consequences of their acts. Our teaching mindset respects free will and avoids impositions of specific ways to achieve set goals. Of course, there must be a clear and reasonable balance between freedom and responsibility, since limited freedom causes rebelliousness and disobedience but freedom without responsibility causes chaos.

  • Academic Excellence Programs.
    We focus our efforts on making academic excellence a reality by means of constant innovation and improvement of our programs and educational tools. Our curriculum is provided by Mexico’s Dirección General de Bachillerato (DGB).
  • Language Mastery.
    We provide a real bilingual environment in which English is used to teach different subjects, thus allowing our students to master this language. English is an essential tool for the professional development of our students. In addition, our students have the opportunity to obtain an international English language certification by taking a standardized examination. Having mastery over different languages opens up better opportunities for professional growth, that is why we also offer students the opportunity to take French language lessons.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
    The use of electronic devices during class is of great aid for our students’ learning in various academic disciplines. Apple® tools, and their variety of applications, education platforms, and cutting-edge technological resources, guarantee our students’ meaningful learning.
  • Intercultural Experiences.
    The cultural diversity that characterizes our community is generated thanks to students and teachers of different nationalities. This allows our students to learn about themselves, their own culture and other people’s in an open and respectful environment. In addition, our students have the opportunity to participate in an international student exchange program in more than 25 countries. During the last semesters our students make an international cultural and academic trip to New York City, which allows them to deepen their learning by means of experiences in real contexts.
  • Service Learning Program.
    Motivated by their personal interests, our students develop projects at local companies where they detect the company’s needs and implement different improvement strategies by applying what they have learned in the classroom. This is possible thanks to our “Service Learning” program.
  • Vocational Guidance.
    It is during their high school years that our student’s most important decisions in life are made, their profession being one of them. By means of different strategies, we provide counseling to our students to help them choose their profession wisely. At the same time, we provide close follow up of every students’ academic, social and emotional development.