Privacy Policy

Colegio Bosques S.C., having its address in 169 Paseo de la Soledad, Fracc. Trojes de Oriente 2a Sección, 20115, in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico, is aware of its own commitment towards protecting any of your personal data that it may collect.

Your personal information will be used to add students’ information to our database, which may then be used for accounting, statistical, or research purposes whenever needed by the school’s teaching and administrative staff during the school year.

For the aforementioned purpose, in accordance with Mexico’s Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de Particulares (Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data), we require to know parents’ and students’ following personal data: full name, CURP (Unique Population Registry Code), RFC (Federal Taxpayer Registration), date of birth, address, home phone number, mobile phone number, job phone number, email address, current job, parent’s tax paying data, and bank account number; additionally, we require information that may be considered sensitive personal data regarding students’ medical conditions such as chronic illnesses or allergies, in order to support parents in case of emergency or accidents.

In addition, Colegio Bosques asks for your explicit consent to share students’ schoolwork, assessment results, and information regarding the efficacy of the PYP’s (Primary Years Program) and the MYP’s (Middle Years Program) implementation to be sent to the International Baccalaureate Organization with educational, teaching training, statistical analysis, and promotional purposes, in the context of the school’s own activities or those activities approved by the IB Organization. In most cases, the IB Organization will anonymize student’s schoolwork before publication in print or in electronic form. In such case, the IB Organization will inform the school beforehand and the school will then inform both the student and their parents so that they are aware of the third parties* to whom their personal data will be transferred.

You have the right to access to, rectify and even cancel your personal data, as well as to oppose or revoke their use for the purposes you had previously authorized by the means we have implemented.
In order to know such procedures, requisites and time frames, you can get in touch with Colegio Bosques’s Finance and Administration Department, located in 169 Paseo de la Soledad, Fracc. Trojes de Oriente 2a Sección, 20115, in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico, call to (52 449) 1620410 or send an email to:; additionally, you can visit our website

It should be noted that all the personal data that you provide are treated with utmost responsibility by Colegio Bosques personnel, for both administrative and academic control purposes, and some of these data, such as contact phone numbers and address, may be transferred to your children’s group parents, and/or to the members of the Parents Association.

Because of this, and having knowledge of this policy, it is assumed that you, as parent, agree to the handling of your personal data; should you not agree with this, you have the right to express your nonconformity in this regard.

Should you not provide your consent, you are asked to write a letter to the coordinator of the Finance and Administration Department to address this matter.

Any modification to this document may be checked on our website

*The IB Organization considers the following as third parties: schools, higher education institutions (such as universities and other higher education institutions) or government authorities, ministries and departments of education, service providers (such as external providers), as well as other IB Organization contractors.

Last modification: September 2nd, 2015.