When you really understand who you are, you allow yourself to believe and to fight. We are all Falcons!

Complement their personal development

In addition to academic knowledge, it is fundamental to develop the habit of practicing a sport or an artistic discipline.

Thanks to this students will develop better social skills, a solid self esteem as well as virtues and values that will last during their lifetime.

Adequate facilities and equipment

Students have all the sports and arts facilities at their disposal, in addition to adequate equipment and materials for every discipline. This enhances students’ training in the best possible way while also keeping them safe at all times.

Highly trained professionals that will correctly channel each student’s potential.

We are proud to have experienced trainers and teachers that know how to share their knowledge, both individually and in a team setting.

IB values incorporation

All classes and training sessions are based on methodologies that reinforce IB values and principles, which are incorporated into the teaching and practice of each discipline.

The best version of yourself is about to arrive. We are all Falcons!

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After School Activities

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