Let your child become a leader and an agent of change that contributes to create a better and more peaceful world.

Make sure your children have all the tools to expand their potential

A key factor for choosing the right school for your children is making sure that it will establish a strong foundation for learning in a practical and current way, with the use of technological tools and remaining connected to the outside world.

Let your children be surrounded by people who allow them to grow

It is very important that each student receives the necessary attention and that they are in touch with the right people who will help them reach their maximum potential both personally and intellectually.

We support our students throughout their entire academic course, helping them focus their efforts to gain experience and confidence every step of the way.


Whole development in a multicultural atmosphere

We offer an international program that facilities contact with people from diverse countries and cultures. We ale make both national and international educational trips.

We know how important the mastery of the English language is so we provide opportunities for practice on an everyday basis thanks to our bilingual program. Additionally, students are introduced to a third language (French) starting from 4th grade.

Personal and academic development

People need to grow in all aspects. For this reason, we give an important place to cultural expression through visual arts, music, dance, and drama.

We have a special program for developing physical and sports skills. This allows for the development of healthy habits as well as the establishment of positive interpersonal relationships.

Creating people who are prepared to adapt to the present and create a better and more peaceful world

Each student will develop an international mindedness that will allow them to be independent and to make the right choices. This will encourage the development of critical thinking skills necessary to face different challenges. We cultivate the qualities, talents and skills of each individual.

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