Allowing each person to have the necessary tools to face future challenges, with a high level of human quality and global thinking.

Whole development to give the next step

High school should provide all the tools needed for students to decide their professional path.

Once this decision has been made, we have to make sure they have the academic level that will allow them to have access to the university and program of their choice.

Know yourself better in order to make the right decision

Thanks to our pre-college courses, the Bosques High School program helps students deepen their understanding of specific knowledge areas. This enables students to acquire thinking habits and mental aptitudes that will allow them to keep learning throughout life while considering different perspectives.

Knowing different areas of professional development as well as knowing oneself deeply are key aspects for choosing the right professional path.

Adapting learning to the personal needs and style of every student

We know that every student learns differently. For that reason, we offer learning units that are adapted to students’ interests, capabilities, pace, personality and unique ways to face a situation.

Each class receives the attention of a counselor (a trained psychologist), that provides timely follow up to the whole development of students, providing each of them with opportunities for specialization.

A practical method supported by technological tools

Our educational model is based on active methodologies (real-life and challenge-based learning). Learning occurs within a multicultural environment that fosters the development of global thinking in an inclusive educational community.

Students make use of a virtual platform that allows them to have access to all the contents and practice assignments that they will carry out during the school year. In this way, they learn to organize their own activities and manage their own time to be ready to pass both national and international evaluations, as well as submitting their assessment work online.

You are unique! Experience it differently!

Each student will live experiences that will allow them to become engaged with the community by means of service school projects.

Thanks to the highest development of their skills and talents, our graduates are capable of facing future challenges with success, human quality and a global mindset.

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