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Free their potential.

Youngsters can achieve more. 

It is vital for them to develop their skills to successfully overcome any challenge. No limits!

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Human development must be whole. For that reason, we pay special attention to every area of development that will have a positive impact on each one of our students. 

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Our students are immersed in a multicultural atmosphere that prepares them to live in a globalized world while enriching their personal and educational experience.


A real concern among parents is that students are ready to overcome the global challenges they will face in the future.

At BIS we guarantee a cutting-edge education within a multicultural atmosphere. Each student will receive the tools that are needed to face a world in constant evolution. 

Nurture a love for learning, creativity and curiosity to develop a global mindset.

These are the institutions we collaborate with.

Colegio Bosques Aguascalientes
Colegio Bosques Aguascalientes
Colegio Bosques Aguascalientes

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