We help children grow up happy and confident in themselves in a fun, trusting and respectful environment.

Make sure your child has all the tools needed to develop their full potential

As a parent, you wish to ensure that your children reach their maximum potential to grow both personally and professionally.
At the same time, it is essential to allow your children to develop healthy, estable and positive relationships based on warmth, care and tenderness.

Let your children be surrounded by people who maximize their potential

We take special care to select the most qualified personnel for each position.
Each group has a homeroom teacher as well as an auxiliary teacher to provide support during every activity. In addition, an academic leader (coordinator) and a tutor provide the necessary personal and professional follow-up so that your children can achieve their full potential.

Whole development in a multicultural atmosphere

We promote contact with people of diverse nationalities, cultures and lifestyles, both among the students and their families as well as with members of our personnel. This enhances students’ learning from an early age.

Additionally, a bilingual environment maximizes comprehension and communication in the English language, which will allow your child to communicate with people from all over the world for the rest of their life.

Safety, responsibility and autonomy

Starting from Nursery, we promote the practice of habits and routines that favor children’s autonomy so that they soon learn how to take care of their belongings, their health and that of their classmates by interacting positively with each other. Our facilities meet all the official safety regulations and were created to satisfy children’s development, learning and safety needs.

Meaningful and lifelong learning

Children learn by playing, having fun, suggesting activities, and discovering the world as well as themselves. Learning environments are created to promote children’s well-being and to instigate their desire to learn new things. We focus on developing multiple intelligences and fundamental skills for lifelong learning, always keeping in mind the importance of collaboration among the students and their teachers. Additionally, we make use of a wide range of materials that are suited to the students’ age and characteristics.

We implement the PYP (Primary Years Program) of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB), which guarantees that the students have top quality international learning experiences all throughout their basic education, given that the PYP continues during Elementary School and it’s then followed by the MYP (Middle Years Program) in Middle School and the CRP (Career-related Program) in High school.

Creating agents of change and world citizens

Our children cultivate the IB learner profile attributes and become internationally-minded people who are aware of their role in creating a better and more peaceful world.

Arts and physical education, fundamental experiences for whole child development

Our children have contact with the Arts from their very first years of life since they have music and plastic arts lessons in Baby Center. 

Starting from Kinder 1, each generation of students has the opportunity to practice four different artistic disciplines: music, plastic arts, drama, and dance. These disciplines have continuity all throughout children’s academic course as they are also taught in Elementary School, Middle School and High school. These allow students to strengthen important skills for each discipline. 

Our little ones also have experiences that are specially focused on their physical development and well-being through Early Stimulation sessions (in Baby Center) and Physical Education (in Kindergarten)

Whole development that prepares them for the challenges of the future.

We work with four institutional programs that put emphasis on seeing children as whole persons in search of balanced development. This allows us to promote adequate lifelong learning skills.

Kinder en Aguascalientes

It fosters a love for reading, strong relationships among family members and the development of literacy skills.

Kinder en Aguascalientes

It promotes healthy eating habits, age-appropriate exercise routines according children’s characteristics, an interest in one’s own well-being, and the development of skills to take care of oneself.

Kinder en Aguascalientes

It promotes respect for our environment, as well as skills for taking care of it and and an awareness of why that is important.

Kinder en Aguascalientes

It facilitates emocional, social and personal balance in order to achieve the well-being of children, their families and communities. It favors adequate cognitive development as well as providing solutions to the specific needs of each of our students.

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