We help students develop critical thinking skills to face challenges and solve problems within a given context.


Our aims is to maximize human quality and help students develop their personal talents and skills, so that they can become agents of change that can create a better and more peaceful world.

Make sure your children have all the tools to expand their potential

A key factor for choosing the right school for your children is making sure that it will establish a strong foundation for learning in a practical and current way, with the use of technological tools and remaining connected to the outside world.

Given teenagers’ characteristics, it is fundamental to establish clear limits with care and empathy, by developing bonds based on trust and communication. By providing students with the right scaffolding in a multicultural environment, we can maximize their personal and intellectual devlopment.

A practical method that is adapted to each student

During their entire time in Middle School, we guarantee that each student will receive both academic and personal follow-up by providing personalized attention and continuous communication with their family. Together, we implement action plans that will maximize their skills.

We are the only academic institution in Aguascalientes that uses Knotion, an adaptive virtual platform that responds to the needs and characteristics of each student.


Whole development in a multicultural atmosphere

Given the needs of a global world, we implement the International Baccalaureate programs, through which we promote multicultural exchange and respect.

Additionally, national and international trips allow students to become fully immersed in global contexts that favor mutual understanding.

Whole personal development

In order to favor a holistic development of our students, we provide spaces for cultural and artistic expression through the Visual Arts, Music, Drama, and Dance programs. In addition, we foster the development of physical and sports skills, promoting healthy habits as well as positive interpersonal relationships.

We create agents of change who are capable of responding to today’s challenges in a positive and affirming manner, thus creating a better and more peaceful world.

Your child will be able to solve current local or global problems by applying their critical thinking and communication skills, which will open up for them a wide range of opportunities to have access to the best personal and professional experiences.

Would you like to receive more information?

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